22 de octubre de 2009

"BABY BOY Brag Book" - Freebie

Les dejo un "bragbook" que realicé pensando en mi bebé Julián. Son 3 páginas con mucha capacidad para atesorar los infinitos momentos de tus hijos...¡Qué lo disfruten!

(Click on the preview to download)

Yo los usé con mi bebé...

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Anónimo dijo...

Your brag books are gorgeous.
Thank you so much.

I do however have a question about this baby boy book.
I am still learning when it comes to photo editing.
Neither do I have programmes like Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro.
My question is this :

On the baby boy pages.... you have written words like `Name` and `Title`... how do we REMOVE those words so that we can replace them with a name and title we wish to insert ?

I am suspecting that maybe programmes like Paint Shop Pro might be able to do that - and I dont know about it.

Please dont laugh at my lack of knowledge lol.
I am still learning (honestly !!)
and I hope to get better eventually lol.

sending you hugs.


CINTIA dijo...

Sara: You have right!! You cant do this since the brag book. But, i will change it and i will post them again, all right? Just come back! and i ll fix it!!! Sorry...Im learning too!! Hugs, CINTIA

Anónimo dijo...


Thank you.

I am happy to meet a another learner lol.
Everywhere I go online I keep seeing experts & sometimes I just wonder whether I will ever understand most of what they do lol.
I feel more comfortable now.

Wishing you a happy day (or evening) and hoping you have a lovely weekend.

Thanks again for sharing.


CINTIA dijo...

Hi Sara! (again...) Well, I fixed my mistakes. I put the text in separates layers and I save the file as PSD so you can replace the "Title" with anything that you like and you will keep the same layer style. If you like it, ok. If you dont, just delete the layer and write anything that you want. I hope you understand me, cause Im from Argentina, and my birth language is spansish...Its nice to "meet" you on line!! Hugs, CINTIA.

Anónimo dijo...

Hi Cintia

Thank you.
I`m going to ask my son to do this for me later whilst I dont have Photo shop or paint shop lol.

Your English is very good, I dont have any problems understanding what you say lol.

No, I dont have a blog site (yet ! - maybe one day soon when I get abit better lol)

One of the things I do enjoy doing is making `slideshows` for my family - using their photos, and I set it all to music. I use Windows Movie Maker to make those.
I am finding that the scrap booking material comes in useful whilst it makes them look alot nicer when I can add little elements or use `quick pages` for photos.
It goes without saying the slideshows I make are only for family use whilst I`m a grandma and I am wise enough to know not to upload anything to do with my little grandaughters to the internet whilst there are indeed some strange people out there lol.

I made a couple of things yesterday for a friend of mine using your `Baby boy mini kit` and `sunflowers` whilst my friend had a little boy back in June. It turned out really nice.
Again its only for her own private family viewing whilst I know she would never upload anything with her son`s pictures to the internet.

Have a nice day.